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Psychological safety, team cohesion, and a culture of inclusion and belonging are key indicators of team performance. But how do you turn these theoretical concepts into actionable insights for teams, especially when those teams function in a hybrid model of remote and on site work?

With the Ask - Analyse - Act flow, our team listening platform JiGSO Listen reveals how teams are actually functioning and offers actionable insights and tools to bring those teams to the next level. Because when teams thrive, organisations triumph.

Download our JiGSO Listen brochure to find out how can help you empower your teams.



Download our brochure

Empowering teams

Going way beyond the pulse, JiGSO Listen guides teams through a three-step team learning loop from

asking the right questions

to giving the right insights 

and generating actionable advice

Highlights of the JiGSO Listen platform

During the demo, we will show you the power of our platform for both teams as for HR and business leaders. 

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Team dashboard

In their own dashboard, teams receive insights on the spot. This transparency not only empowers the team but also helps them pinpoint what the issue is.


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Birdseye view

HR and Business Leaders receive a granular view of the entire organisation, with insights into when, where, and how to intervene to empower their teams.


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Action module

Tailor-made and science-based recommendations linked to an extensive library of learning nuggets help turn insights into actions.